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Komodo Adventure and Manggaraian New Year Cultural Event at Rakas-East Manggarai 7D/6N

The Tour Starts on January 2-8 Every Year 

Day 01. Bali – Labuan Bajo – Ruteng (2nd  of January ).
Morning flight from Bali about one hour and then you will arrive at the airport of Labuan Bajo West -Flores. Upon arrival, you will be picked up by our local guide and driver to depart to Ruteng. It takes for 5 hours driving from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng. En route, we will stop at several places for picturing of west-Flores wonderful landscape, view of the mountain range and amazing panorama of rice-field terraces. Stop at Cancar village to see the unique agriculture system of Manggaraian. It is called Lodok to local inhabitant, which looks like Giant spider’s web or well-known as “Spider’s Web Rice-Field”. Continue your trip to the cool mountain breeze of Ruteng town for overnight at Santa Maria monastery which closed the gate at 21.00 PM. In the afternoon If time permits, we will visit Ruteng Pu’u village to see the unique shape of the traditional house of Manggaraian, then we will drive to the north side of Ruteng town to visit Natural Archeological Rock Cave as a place of discovering of Homo Floresiensis fossil or its nickname is Flores hobbit which found by two Australian archeologist in September 2004.

Day 02. Ruteng – Rakas village East Manggarai District (3rd of January).
Breakfast at the monastery, and today you will be ready to start your impressive off a beaten track adventure journey to visit Rakas village which is well-known for the “Pure & Unique Culture Heritage Village” which is still hidden among the west Flores famous tourist attraction or “Lost Paradise Culture Village” that never been explored by visitors throughout the island and there is nothing touristic-developed activity in this village. Here, you will be amazed by the friendly local inhabitants who will come and congregate around you as tourist is their attraction. From Ruteng you take a bench-seat wooden truck. On the way trip, you will be admired by the beautiful landscape, rugged mountain, and stop at some places to chat to the local people to know their life style. Stop at Cingcoleng Cave where you can see the huge crystal rock cave with the Holy Merry statue in it, and it is also shrine place for Catholic religion. After that we will continue the trip to Rakas for about one hour. On your arrival, the villagers will welcome you by doing the short ceremony at the village-head’s house or Mbaru Teno. This is called “Acara Tuak Tiba agu Manuk Kapu, “ Guest Welcoming Ceremony”. This short and small ceremony is aimed to express that the villagers would like to welcome you from their own deepest heart. After doing the welcome ceremony then you will be invited to participate with many adult people to go to Lodok as Circle Farm Land agriculture system that looks like Spider’s web. It is called Acara Isong Lodok. This ceremony will bring you into the deep insight about the culture relation between the human being and Natural life. They will make an offerings to the natural spirit by slaughtering the chicken or pig in the central of Lodok, the blood and roasted liver from sacrificed-animal on this ceremony should be placed on the flat stone provided. Afterward you will come back while you are singing the folk song, till in the village-head’s house. The next offering ceremony will be done at source of water spring to express the thanks giving to the natural spirit that already gave them so much water and to say forgiveness for having the spirits troubled and done something wrong around the watering place during previous year. This ceremony called “Acara Barong Wae Teku”. After doing this ceremony we will come back while singing of the folksong till to the village-head’s house. The next ceremony is Acara Hang Dampa. It will be held in the middle of the village yard. The main goal of this ceremony is to invite and give offerings to the all of the spirit of nature in order to ask full of grace and abundance of crops. Another ceremony is “Acara Takung Naga/Compang Beo”. The major function of this ceremony is to express the feeling of grateful to the village-guardian which already protected the villagers during the previous year. White cock is slaughtering on that time and liver and the fresh-blood will place on the middle of the Compang sort of Megalithic stone for offerings. The following ceremony is also having great time for you to see and to make the Bamboo Sticky Rice Process or local name is Acara Tapa Kolo which is so symbolic sticky rice where the local people will put the rice and water into the bamboo tube and roasting it in the camp fire-like in front of their house-yard. The night activity program is that, you will be invited by the villagers to join the Mbata Adat Manggarai. It is the folksong which always accompanied by the melodious traditional music equipment Drum and kind of Gamelan to create the cheerfulness of village situation before celebrating of this great New Year event on the next day. The meaningful of this ceremony are togetherness, loyalty, or unity of the villagers.  On this occasion the villagers will also teach you how to play the traditional music equipment and traditional round dancing called Sanda Rame Tanah Dance. These, will make your experience is really pleasant and unforgettable trip memory. Commonly, the villager will do this till in the morning. (you can also join them till in the morning if you want).

Day 03. Rakas village “main point of the traditional culture New Year Event” (4th of January).
Breakfast at the village and today is the special and extremely meaningful-day for you where all the ceremonies will be held to celebrate the great New Year in traditional way. Before doing the main ceremony, If you want, you can make a trekking to take you to the “Liang NiKi Bat Cave”, and it will take about 1 hour to trek down through the many sort of cash- crops plantation such as coffee, cacao, vanilla, candle-nut, cashew-nut and etc. On your arrival at this cave you will be admired by the fabulous stalagmites and stalactites, countless of fruit bats, and if you are lucky sometimes is python-reticulate will be seen. Torch, flash-light, are important to be taken a along with you to get easy exploring the cave. The cave has three levels and according to the myth, in the past, people who lived around the area used this cave as the hiding place when the war happened and to escape from invading of the enemies. After exploring the cave, we will trek uphill to get back to the village. In the midday, we will follow the most important and extraordinary-cultural ceremony, called “Acara Lando Lima & Kiru Lontang”. The main goal of this ceremony is to invite the all super natural-spirits and the soul of the ancestors to be given the mass-offerings and to ask them a lot lucky, blessing, as well as the good harvesting in the coming year. Pig and white cock will be sacrifice on this ceremony. You will also witness one of the ceremony-members to lead the traditional praying and followed by all participants to sing traditional religious folksong while slaughtering the pig. After doing this sacred and memorable ceremony, the rest of the afternoon will be a free program or do the tour activity to walk around the village to meet and to see their daily way of life and have a nice interaction with them to share your life experience as the local people are always willing to know the western world life style. In the evening, we will enjoy and have a fun together for the night life with a local people by doing the circle-dance which followed by folksong called “Danding Cama Laing” as symbol of the loyalty, togetherness among the villagers and to create the great relationship between you and the local people. It will make your trip experience is unforgettable.

Day 04. Rakas – Ruteng – Labuan Bajo
Breakfast at the village and today we would say good bye to the villagers, and then depart to Ruteng for 4 hours. Lunch will be done at local restaurant and drive to Labuan Bajo for 5 hours, and on the way will stop at several places for photo stopping. In the afternoon will arrive in Labuan Bajo.

Day 05. Labuan Bajo – Rinca – Kambing island Snorkeling – Komodo Island
After having breakfast you will be transferred to the harbor to catch a wooden motorized boat leaving for Rinca for approx. 2 ½ hours you will reach on the island of Rinca. Afterward, doing round trek to explore Rinca Island to see Komodo dragon on their natural habitat. Komodo dragon is a Giant monitor Lizards on earth which is about 100 kg weight, and more than 3 meter its length. Rinca Island is also home for wild water Buffaloes, Timor deer, long tail macaques, wild pig, and sometimes is wild horse. Keep your eyes up to the trees, if you are lucky sometimes you will small dragon on the trees to protect themselves from adult dragon and other predators. After trekking   on Rinca Island will get back to the boat and head to Kambing Island for snorkeling and refreshing and swimming. In the afternoon we will boat to Komodo Island. Lunch will be provided on the boat. Dinner & Overnight are also on the boat near Komodo Island.

Day 06. Komodo island – Pink beach – Labuan Bajo (Breakfast, Lunch).
After having breakfast on the boat, then trekking to explore the Island of Komodo. Along your trekking you will be entertained by beautiful concert of many kind of the birds. This island of Komodo is also home for Timor deer, Wild board and also good for birds watching spot. After having trek will get back to the boat and direct boating for 30 minutes to spectacular white sandy beach Of Pantai Merah for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Afterward, depart to Labuan Bajo for about 4 hours. In the afternoon will arrive at Labuan Bajo pier then you will be transferred to hotel for overnight stay. Lunch will be served on the boat. Dinner and overnight are also on the boat.

Day 07. Labuan Bajo – Bali or next destination
Breakfast at the hotel, and free program while waiting for your check out time.