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Skills in selling tour packages are part of our activity, Flores island is an island that situated in southeast Indonesia and most peoples call it as an Indonesia’s paradise, very exotic Nature fascinated Culture as well as friendly People. Komodo Dragon is agreat treasure for Flores society where that ancient animal can not be discovered anywhere else besides Komodo National Park – Flores island – Indonesia.We are very proud to the natural wealth that we have so that we as local people are able to promote it all to the world.

A reliable company which is often referred to as GOTOKOMODO which is based in Labuan Bajo – West Flores island – Indonesia has been legalized by the Indonesian government promoting Flores Adventure Tour Package, Komodo Adventure Tour Package and Cruise Ship Passanger handling with an aim that at least improve the local communities economic level.

GOTOKOMODO also has 12 years experienced in handlinga solo traveller, a small group tour, a big group tour and cruise handling. As for partner of GOTOKOMODO who have experienced  as well as highly professional in doing a reservation even tourist handling particularly guiding service who want to spend their incredible time here in our beautiful island of Flores. Those guide as follows :

  1. ENDRIK ABUR,S.S / Director of Gotokomodo Tours
    Hendrik Abur is an English Literature, graduated from Wijaya Putra University Surabaya in 2007. After graduation, he decided to come back to his home town, Flores, and looking for job. Since then he worked as an English tour guide and become a member of Tourist Guide Association in Labuan Bajo in 2008. Now he acts as a tour operator for
    Gotokomodo Tours
  2. EFRIDUS GORDIN / English Speaking Tourist Guides
    Elfrid is one of English speaking guide in Flores. He finished his English literature From STKIP Saint.Paulus Ruteng, he joined as gotokomodo’s tour guide since 2012, and now he is one of our company guide.
  3. PATRISIUS SUPARTAN / English Speaking Tour Guides
    I’m Patrice, i’m a natives of Flores island – Indonesia. I was graduated from Sadar Wisata Tourism High School in 2010. Based on my educational background, after graduating in 2010 i joined into the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association which is based in Labuan bajo – Indonesia and became a member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association and worked as an English speaking tour guide in Flores and Komodo island. I adore my job highly ! there are plenty of great experiences over the past few years either of Solo traveler handling, small/big group handling and cruise’ ship handling.
  4. PAULA SRI SUHARTINI DJAI / Reservationist
    Paula was graduated from Tourism High School in Ruteng. After graduation ( 2009 ) she worked at Ecolodge Indonesia Hotel in Labuan bajo for 4 years then worked in airlines agent as a ticketing staff  for 1 year, since March 2015 she joined with gotokomodo tours and floresindo tours as a reservationist, and now she is our reservation staff for Gotokomodo tours. 
  5. IGNASIUS VERON / Company driver
    Ignas is one of our company driver, he joined as gotokomodo tour driver since 2014, and now he is one of our company driver
    Jackozt is one of our company driver, he joined as gotokomodo tour driver since 2014, and now he is one of our company driver.