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Your guide and travel partner to Komodo and Flores island


GOTOKOMODO TOURS is a Local Travel Agency based in Labuan bajo – West Flores – Indonesia. Officially founded in 2013 and has been legalized by the Indonesian Government, this company started working and promoting professionally and focused on handling those who wanted to come and visit Flores Island and Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park. As one of the Extremely Reliable Travel Agency in arranging the trip to discover Komodo dragons and some other wonderful, exotic and unique things in Flores, basically we have a principle and always prioritize it where Client’s Satisfaction is our priority.

This company is also really able to accept and serve various kinds of requests, including Ready Made Tour and Taylor Made Tour. Equipped with members who are very experienced in terms of serving customers and also our guides are very experienced and work professionally in serving guest’s holidays. It is a great pride for us when we are really able to show the outside world the beauty and uniqueness beyond Flores and the Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park with an aim to at least improve the local communities economic level. Flores Island is an island that is situated in southeast Indonesia and most people call it Indonesia’s paradise. Very exotic nature, fascinating culture as well as friendly local peoples. Komodo Dragon is a great treasure for Flores society where that ancient animal cannot be discovered anywhere else besides Komodo National Park. We firmly believe that beauty or uniqueness is very worthy and valuable to be promoted to all holiday lovers in any part of the country. We always strive for the comfort and safety of your holiday, with adequate facilities and reasonable prices, we believe that you will get new experiences and be satisfied with our service and surely it will be your unforgettable journey memory.
“You will never know until you go”

You are at the right travel agent and we work professionally. For many years we have experience in handling holidays for solo travelers, couples, small groups, big groups even handling passengers from Cruise Ships that disembark on Komodo Island. We really recognize our region, even though it consists of various ethnicities, races and religions, we always put forward the slogan that United in Diversity. Consists of 8 districts/cities where each of the 8 regions has different cultures and customs, but when everything is packaged and promoted with good skills, everything becomes beautiful and worth learning and enjoying. Interacting with local people, witnessing firsthand the local people’s lives is the most beautiful moment on another level. Our capabilities and human resources are competent enough to carry out what we have to do and what we have to promote. We really maintain balance and neutrality between our customers. We have clear legality and have obtained permission from the government.